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China business directory – The Most Complete, Detailed, Accurate and Authoritative China company database or lists at affordable prices. The #1 China company business list database provider. More than 450000 China businesses (China manufacturers, suppliers, exporters) Listed.

Are you trying to expand your business to huge and emerging China markets? Are you trying to access to industry specific clients of China? Or are you looking for China trading companies or China manufacturers and do business with them? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then congratulations you having come to the right place! Please have a look at our China business directory products.

We offer the most complete, detailed, accurate and authoritative China company business databases in the market which would surely be amazing to you.

Why China business directory?

When you decide to reach out to start various business across China, the best way to do this is to use a business list. However, what you need is a list with real and accurate information. Our China business directory are compiled from quality, accurate, complete and detailed information. Each record of the list contains amazing fields.

Fields of a record:
CompanyName ContactAddr City Province
Zip Country Contact Mobile
PhoneNum FaxNum Email WebSite
BusinessType ProductsOrService AnnualSalesVolume ExportPercent
ProdLineNum MgmtCertification ContractManufacturing EmployeeNum
R&DStaffNum QualityControl QCStaffNum LegalRepr
RegisteredAddress YearEstd OwnedFactoryLocation

By all these information, you can clearly learn the very details of all aspects about the whole company. This is your best choice to target your industry specific clients and help expand your business to China quickly.

Industries (36 top categories and 1170+ sub-categories):
Agriculture Apparel Automobiles & Motorcycles Business_Services
Chemicals Computer Hardware & Software Construction & Rea Estate Shoes & Accessories
Consumer Electronics Electrical Equipmen & Supplies Electronic Components & Supplies Energy
Environment Excess Inventory Fashion Accessories Food & Beverage
Furniture & Furnishings General Industrial Equipment General Mechanical Components Gifts & Crafts
Hardware Health & Medical Home & Garden Home Appliances
Lights & Lighting Luggage Bags & Cases Manufacturing & Processing Machinery Measurement & Analysis Instruments
Minerals & Metallurgy Office & School Supplies Packaging & Paper Personal Care
Printing & Publishing Rubber & Plastics Security & Protection Service Equipment

In summary, the database contains 450,000 China companies, over 36 top business categories and 1170+ level-2 business categories, and 27 fields for each company record. You deserve having it!
Characteristics of our China business directory

Complete: this database covers the most of China companies focusing on international business, more than 450,000 records. It covers companies in each province of China and each industry field. (select an industry category and download the sample data)

Detailed: each record consists of 25 fields which covers the very details of all aspects about a company. We’re the ONLY one provider and you can NEVER find such a database with so many details in the market.

Accurate: each record of company information are verified on the spot (sorry verified by whom can’t be disclosed), so the company records are very accurate

Authoritative: this is the best database about China companies you can find in the market

Unique: this is the only online English business directory about China international business companies. These companies are the most active and high qualified ones among China international business fields.

And the most important, our high quality China company database are offered at very competitive and fair prices. You will find a good option no matter what your budget may be.

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