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Pastor allegedly kills wife, buries corpse in shallow grave in Akwa Ibom
by admin. 108 Post & 10 Views. Thu Jun 2021 11:11am - No comment yet
Woman dumps husband of 20 years to marry the 'Holy Spirit,' goes to Uganda for honeymoon
by gozie. 108 Post & 11 Views. Mon May 2021 11:10am - No comment yet
If there is crisis in this nation, I will be the last to leave - Bishop Oyedepo
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 13 Views. Mon May 2021 11:15am - No comment yet
Jigawa Hisbah confiscates 308 bottles of alcoholic drinks in raid at hotel (photos)
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 10 Views. Sun May 2021 06:55pm - No comment yet
Gov Bala asks Muslims to stop aiding and abetting bandits
by admin. 108 Post & 15 Views. Fri May 2021 07:12am - No comment yet
Watch out for new moon tonight - Sultan tells Muslims
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 22 Views. Tue May 2021 01:23pm - No comment yet
Mbaka shuts down Adoration Ministry
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 22 Views. Tue May 2021 09:36am - No comment yet
Nigeria won’t break up - TB Joshua
by admin. 108 Post & 21 Views. Mon May 2021 08:09am - No comment yet
Daura Emirate cancels Sallah Durbar over insecurity
by admin. 108 Post & 19 Views. Mon May 2021 08:45am - No comment yet
Young Nigerian guitarist allegedly slumps and dies in church while worshipping God
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 16 Views. Wed May 2021 12:24pm - No comment yet
Those killed by kidnappers and bandits will go to paradise – Deputy Chief Imam
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 17 Views. Wed May 2021 12:18pm - No comment yet
Photos of prophet and his female accomplice accused of stealing newborn baby
by admin. 108 Post & 20 Views. Thu Apr 2021 08:48am - No comment yet
Ramadan: Hisbah police arrest eleven persons for eating during the day
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 40 Views. Fri Apr 2021 08:25am - No comment yet
Church members kneel down to welcome their pastor in Zambia
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 33 Views. Mon Apr 2021 01:39pm - No comment yet
Pastor breaks into ex-lover's house and mercilessly beats her
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 36 Views. Fri Apr 2021 03:40pm - No comment yet
Clergyman, Reverend Father Dawah kidnapped in Kaduna
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 29 Views. Wed Mar 2021 08:43am - No comment yet
Northern bride shows up at her wedding in wings cape
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 33 Views. Thu Mar 2021 08:11am - No comment yet
Bride provides QR code so guests at her wedding can spray her money digitally
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 29 Views. Thu Mar 2021 08:19am - No comment yet
Church members seen bowing to a dead goat nailed to a cross
by admin. 108 Post & 32 Views. Wed Mar 2021 02:48pm - No comment yet
LGBTQ community react to Vatican new's order for priests not to bless gay marriages
by gozie. 108 Post & 39 Views. Tue Mar 2021 07:04am - No comment yet
Prophet now impotent after being stabbed in the private part by a man
by admin. 108 Post & 36 Views. Mon Mar 2021 02:10pm - No comment yet
Catholic Church cannot bless same-sex unions - Vatican
by admin. 108 Post & 49 Views. Mon Mar 2021 02:30pm - No comment yet
man donates his family house to Christ Embassy,his family members are now homeless
by gozie. 108 Post & 42 Views. Mon Mar 2021 12:10pm - No comment yet
Akwa Ibom prophet arrested for allegedly sodomising 12-year-old boy
by gozie. 108 Post & 43 Views. Thu Feb 2021 11:42am - No comment yet
Church usher reveals what a member put in the offering envelope
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 42 Views. Mon Feb 2021 02:34pm - No comment yet
Pastor refuses to wed couple because they were 5 minutes late to church
by gozie. 108 Post & 38 Views. Sun Feb 2021 09:34am - No comment yet
Singer, Sir Shina Peters ordained as Bishop
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 54 Views. Mon Feb 2021 08:39am - No comment yet
Lady drags pastor to court over fake marital promise and squandering her money
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 39 Views. Wed Jan 2021 09:27am - No comment yet
Retired Archbishop of Church of Uganda suspended over affair with a married woman
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 56 Views. Wed Jan 2021 09:26am - No comment yet
Clients of Anambra based Prophet, Onyeze Jesus bath naked in a river
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 49 Views. Mon Jan 2021 08:23am - No comment yet
Pastor who raped his two underage daughters and impregnated one is jailed for 140yrs
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 45 Views. Fri Jan 2021 07:11am - No comment yet
Muslim group asks Kukah to apologize to Muslims or leave Sokoto state
by admin. 108 Post & 48 Views. Wed Jan 2021 07:37am - No comment yet
Bishop Kukah accuses Islamic group of inciting violence against him
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 51 Views. Tue Jan 2021 07:51am - No comment yet
Pope Francis changes church law so women can read at Mass but can’t be priests
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 52 Views. Mon Jan 2021 02:01pm - No comment yet
25-year-old man bags 12 strokes of the cane for dealing in hard drugs in Kano state
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 41 Views. Sat Jan 2021 07:46am - No comment yet
Pope Francis’ Instagram account appears to ‘like’ another model’s racy pic
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 49 Views. Fri Dec 2020 08:43am - No comment yet
Dunamis Church Shares Christmas Packages, As Thousands Besiege Glory Dome
by admin. 108 Post & 44 Views. Wed Dec 2020 03:27pm - No comment yet
Church divided as Pastor marries his secretary four months after his wife's death
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 46 Views. Sat Dec 2020 07:39am - No comment yet
Handsome young man dies few hours after his wedding
by admin. 108 Post & 59 Views. Tue Dec 2020 07:11am - No comment yet
The use of sex toys reminds God of Sodom and Gomorrah - Nigerian cleric
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 49 Views. Mon Dec 2020 08:02am - No comment yet
Woman who isn't engaged boasts about finding ‘perfect’ $20 wedding dress
by gozie. 108 Post & 57 Views. Mon Nov 2020 12:02pm - No comment yet
Stop calling Friday 'Black Friday', its a holy day for Muslims - Kano Hisbah
by admin. 108 Post & 65 Views. Fri Nov 2020 07:47am - No comment yet
Photos from the wedding fatiha of Bashir El-Rufai, son of Kaduna state governor
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 50 Views. Sun Nov 2020 09:41am - No comment yet
Stop making Christianity white. God isn't white - Media gal, Bolanle Olukanni says
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 43 Views. Sat Nov 2020 07:50am - No comment yet
Hisbah destroys over 300 cans and bottles of alcohol in Katsina
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 66 Views. Wed Nov 2020 07:38am - No comment yet
pastor stripped and paraded in village after he was allegedly caught with charms
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 47 Views. Thu Nov 2020 07:45am - No comment yet
Man writes church to ask for refund of offerings he gave from 1998 to 2017
by gozie. 108 Post & 53 Views. Thu Nov 2020 11:26am - No comment yet
Islamic council asks IGP to interrogate Bishop of Nsukka, Onah over ‘hate speech’
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 49 Views. Wed Nov 2020 07:38am - No comment yet
CAN kicks against move to regulate social media
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 45 Views. Wed Nov 2020 07:31am - No comment yet
Pastor and presbyter drown after baptism ceremony in horror reservoir accident
by gozie. 108 Post & 55 Views. Thu Oct 2020 10:02am - No comment yet
#EndSARS: Pope Francis prays for peace and justice in Nigeria
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 55 Views. Mon Oct 2020 08:59am - No comment yet
Catholic bishop warns FG against deploying soldiers to #EndSARS protest grounds
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 49 Views. Sun Oct 2020 02:32pm - No comment yet
Lesbian prophetess who sexually assaulted a female congregant sentenced to 11 years
by admin. 108 Post & 53 Views. Fri Oct 2020 10:31am - No comment yet
It is either we restructure Nigeria or we break up"- Pastor Adeboye says
by gozie. 108 Post & 54 Views. Wed Oct 2020 07:24am - No comment yet
Woman disrupts wedding in Catholic church; claims groom is her husband
by admin. 108 Post & 50 Views. Mon Oct 2020 07:53am - No comment yet
24-year-old woman killed by lightning strike two weeks after her wedding
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 57 Views. Wed Oct 2020 07:29am - No comment yet
I can’t enter a mosque to pray for Buhari — Sule Lamido
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 55 Views. Wed Oct 2020 07:09am - No comment yet
Father Mbaka talks about a female #BBNaija housemate
by admin. 108 Post & 70 Views. Mon Sep 2020 07:42am - No comment yet
Any Muslim lawyer who defends convicted Kano singer has renounced Islam - Cleric
by admin. 108 Post & 66 Views. Mon Sep 2020 07:36am - No comment yet
Wedding invitation of President Buhari’s daughter, Hanan, 22, to Turad Sha’aban
by admin. 108 Post & 55 Views. Fri Aug 2020 08:37am - No comment yet
Kaduna government files criminal charges against Anglican bishop
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 58 Views. Sun Aug 2020 11:23am - No comment yet
controversial video of a pastor bringing a 'dead woman' back to life goes viral
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 60 Views. Sat Aug 2020 09:51am - No comment yet
Clergyman, Prophet Odumeje aka Indaboski welcomes fifth child (photo)
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 66 Views. Sat Aug 2020 09:30am - No comment yet
Man thanks God after he survived a close brush with death
by admin. 108 Post & 52 Views. Mon Aug 2020 06:48am - No comment yet
The God Of Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin Supernaturally Obliterated my Odious Skin Disease
by clems. 108 Post & 57 Views. Fri Aug 2020 11:24am - No comment yet
Kano Sharia court sentences singer to death by hanging blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad
by clems. 108 Post & 47 Views. Mon Aug 2020 06:05pm - No comment yet
Pastor arrested for allegedly raping his co-pastor's 11-year-old daughter in Imo
by admin. 108 Post & 66 Views. Tue Aug 2020 08:51am - No comment yet
Woman crashes wedding claiming to be pregnant with groom's child
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 86 Views. Sat Aug 2020 08:14am - No comment yet
Kano Islamic scholars reject proposed castration of rapists
by gozie. 108 Post & 82 Views. Tue Jul 2020 12:43pm - No comment yet
All the troubles in the world results from eating meat and fish- clergyman, David
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 75 Views. Sun Jul 2020 11:30am - No comment yet
Nigerian man dies three weeks after his wedding
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 81 Views. Fri Jul 2020 09:37am - No comment yet
Abia Church Of Satan Founder Arrested. Shrine Destroyed
by admin. 108 Post & 89 Views. Wed Jul 2020 10:01am - No comment yet
Woman caught in bed with Pastor reveals why she got intimate with him
by admin. 108 Post & 65 Views. Wed Jul 2020 10:02am - No comment yet
pope Benedict XVI’s elder brother, Monsignor Georg Ratzinger, dies at 96
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 71 Views. Thu Jul 2020 10:17am - No comment yet
Groom dies after infecting over 100 wedding guests with Coronavirus
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 75 Views. Thu Jul 2020 10:19am - No comment yet
Pastor arrested for allegedly raping 16-year-old girl inside his church
by gozie. 108 Post & 84 Views. Fri Jun 2020 08:40am - No comment yet
Pastor climbs down from high tension pole after he climbed up and threatened to jump
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 70 Views. Wed Jun 2020 08:56am - No comment yet
Pastor climbs down from high tension electrical cable after he climbed up and threatened to jump
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 0 Views. Wed Jun 2020 08:56am - No comment yet
You don't need a church wedding to be married, it isn't in the scriptures - Reno Omokri says
by admin. 108 Post & 82 Views. Sun Jun 2020 09:38am - No comment yet
Catholic faith
by chidindumba. 108 Post & 78 Views. Wed Jun 2020 10:23am - No comment yet
Reverend Paul Caught Performing Ritual At His Home Town, Akwa Ibom
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 80 Views. Tue Jun 2020 08:49am - No comment yet
The Punishment The Bible Prescribes For Rape
by gozie. 108 Post & 77 Views. Sun Jun 2020 10:06am - No comment yet
4 Lessons From The Parable Of Talents
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 79 Views. Sun Jun 2020 07:53am - No comment yet
Nigeria Marks Eid-El-Fitr Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 84 Views. Sun May 2020 01:56pm - No comment yet
No moon sighted, Ramadan continues – Sultan
by admin. 108 Post & 83 Views. Sat May 2020 06:13am - No comment yet
The Difference Between Zakaah On Wealth And Zakaatul L-fitri (photo) - Islam for Muslims
by admin. 108 Post & 87 Views. Fri May 2020 08:54am - No comment yet
The Oyo State Police Command on has arrested seven suspected kidnappers of the twins of popular Oyo
by chidindumba. 108 Post & 0 Views. Tue May 2020 05:37pm - No comment yet
Lord's Chosen Enugu Church Building’s Collapse Imminent As Flood Wreaks Havoc
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 72 Views. Thu May 2020 10:49am - No comment yet
Abel Mwelwa: Zambian Priest Suspended After Married Lover Died In His House
by gozie. 108 Post & 94 Views. Mon May 2020 08:33am - No comment yet
Prophet Odumeje: Native Doctor Performs Rituals Against Chukwuemeka Ohanemere
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 74 Views. Mon May 2020 07:04am - No comment yet
Special effects and virtual guests: China weddings go online
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 67 Views. Sun May 2020 08:47am - No comment yet
Couple Go Viral After They Got Married With A Tipper (photos)
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 78 Views. Sun May 2020 08:15am - No comment yet
6 Rules For New Christians
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 66 Views. Sun May 2020 08:49am - No comment yet
Quranic Verses And Hadith In The Month Of Ramadan And Fasting
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 73 Views. Fri May 2020 09:15am - No comment yet
Your Attitude To Sin Determines Your Salvation/Perfection, Not Activities
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 67 Views. Sun May 2020 10:35am - No comment yet
Ramadan: Taraba Govt Distributes Food Items To Muslim Communities
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 74 Views. Fri May 2020 12:32pm - No comment yet
Why Can't We See Allaah In This Life? - Islam for Muslims
by admin. 108 Post & 87 Views. Fri May 2020 10:42am - No comment yet
Installation Of New Catholic Bishop In Ekwulobia Anambra Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
by nairaplace. 108 Post & 93 Views. Wed Apr 2020 12:17pm (admin)
MURIC Says Kano Deaths Suggest Plot To Depopulate Muslims
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 81 Views. Wed Apr 2020 10:41am - No comment yet
Pastor Caught With Charms In Wardrobe: I Am A Spiritual Man, Not A Native Doctor
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 76 Views. Wed Apr 2020 09:38am - No comment yet
Sultan Announces Sighting Of Moon, Says Ramadan Fast Begins Friday
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 88 Views. Fri Apr 2020 06:44am - No comment yet
Priest Patrick Asomugha Leaves German Church After Receiving Death Threat
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 97 Views. Sun Apr 2020 08:15am (admin)
Why Funke Akindele trended on twitter during the burial of President Buhari's Chief of Staff, Abba K
by admin. 108 Post & 0 Views. Sun Apr 2020 08:12am - No comment yet
Should I Pay Tithe From My 20k Stimulus I Got From Government?
by celebrity19. 108 Post & 90 Views. Sun Apr 2020 08:57am - No comment yet
It's So Hard Practising Envagelism As A Single Female
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 87 Views. Sun Apr 2020 08:22am - No comment yet
The differences between demonic initiation and Christian spiritual awakening
by Chigozie. 108 Post & 101 Views. Sun Apr 2020 08:20am - No comment yet
The most discuss on the twitter is Funke Akindele during Abba Kyari's burial because they did not ob
by admin. 108 Post & 0 Views. Sun Apr 2020 08:27am - No comment yet
Funke Akindele made it to top spot of the 'Nigerian Twitter trends', just after President Buhari's C
by admin. 108 Post & 0 Views. Sun Apr 2020 07:55am - No comment yet

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